Valley People History, page 2

Paul Buff remained as President of the corporation until 1984. During this time, Paul had brought in a partner and the name changed to Valley International. Sadly though, through a series of unfortunate events, Valley went from being a very profitable company to having to declare bankruptcy over a few years.  Doc left the company before it closed entirely. 

The company ended up in the hands of Galaxy Audio for many years, but the focus was not on Pro Audio, so the company lingered for many years. In December of 2006, Alan Hyatt, President of PMI Audio Group obtained the company from Galaxy Audio.

"Obtaining Valley People for me was just so amazing"; said Alan Hyatt, President of PMI Audio Group. "PMI was acquiring several companies at the time, one of which was Trident Audio Developments. Valley People just made a lot of sense. It was at an AES Show that Valley's name kept on coming up. Later, I knew I had to go after it, and contacted my good friend Brock Jabara at Galaxy Audio who owned it. We reached a deal, and Valley was mine".

"I was able to find Doc Morgan through a friend of mine named Matt Allison. I contacted Doc in April or 2007. We had a great conversation and oddly enough, he was still working for Paul Buff, only is designing high end photographic equipment. I tried to see if I could get Paul and Doc to get involved with my quest to bring Valley back to the forefront again…but Paul had no interest anymore. The name and the bad experiences that resulted in the loss of the company left a bad taste. Doc however was very interested in joining up with PMI Audio, and Doc then became a part of the team."

The only way for me to market Valley People was to bring it back to the original state…which was not going to be an easy task. The making of the original TA-101A is an arduous process using custom jigs, trimmers and potting bays. The process takes hours to do and all of the transistors have to be hand matched. Fortunately, we were able to find the plans to the original jig(see Photo) and remake it. We had all of the original potting bays and as such, are able to reproduce the TA-101A to its absolute original state.

We knew this would take years to do, especially as I did not want to bring back the old 800 Series format, when the 500 Series format has become so popular. In the interim, I wanted the name back on the market and together with my good friends at SofTube, the Dynamite was modeled and has been on the market now and has received rave reviews.

Now, the first Dynamite is shipping soon, the Gain Brain is almost done, and we will follow up the Kepex and Commander. From there, the TransAmp, and more of the models that all fit into todays professional recording studios, as well as the home studio markets.

"It is an honor for me to be able to bring back a product like Valley People to once again become a force in the professional audio arena"; said Alan Hyatt. "I hope the market will appreciate what it took to do this, and discover once again what I think is one of the most best kept secrets in the signal processing world".

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